3 months online Object Oriented Programming Course

Object-Oriented Programing

This three-month project-based course will teach you how to build desktop app from basic programing to advance programing from the ground up. The course begins with an introduction to Programming and then moves on to the advance of OOP programming. .

Course Outline

Object-Oriented Programing

  • Introduction to classes and objects
  • Class properties, Methods, Members
    Creating instances of class, Scope resolution operators
  • Access Specifiers, Constructors, Overloading Constructors, Destructors
  • Static (methods, variables), Friend Functions
  • Inheritance and different access specified inheritance
  • Multiple inheritance, “ this “ keyword
  • Polymorphism
    Virtual functions, pure virtual functions
  • Local classes, nested classes
  • Different operator overloading
  • Exception Handling
  • Custom Exception classes
  • Overloading stream insertions & -Extractions ( << >> ) , copy constructor
  • IOSTREAM, Flags
  • Iomanip class
  • File handling
  • #include, #define, #undef preprocessor directive
  • Macros , Conditional compilation of macros
  • Generic programming , Templates
  • Generic class, Explicit Specialization of Generic class
  • Namespace, nested namespace
  • UnNamed or Anonymous Namespaces
  • Writing Classes in Separate Files using #define

Who should learn/take this course:
This course is for those that want to build their career in development field and are being interested in Design or implement the thinking and creativity with the programming language to make useful software for mankind. 

  • Duration 3 Months
  • 3 days in a week.
  • Practical task daily and discussion in  WhatsApp group

Every one should submit their project at the completion of course to get certificate