2 months online WordPress development course

WordPress Website Development

This two-month project-based course will teach you how to build WordPress plugins and themes from the ground up. The course begins with an introduction to WordPress and its installation, and then moves on to the fundamentals of PHP programming and MySql databases for WordPress plugin creation. Following that, the course delves into WordPress theme activation and customization, as well as WordPress plugin creation.

WordPress Ecommerce site

  • Introduction to WordPress.
  • Introduction to child theme
  • Introduction to domain and hosting and platforms
  • Installation of local server
  • theme installation
  • Debugging 
  • error resolve
  • Plugin installation
  • Pages, Products adding and managing.
  • Adding of Payment gateway


  • Introduction of Plugins
  • Installation through WordPress and from PC
  • Plugin setting and details
  • Advantages of plugins
  • Most used plugins for  ecommerce site


  • Basics of SEO
  • Introduction to On page SEO
  • Image optimization
  • CSS and JavaScript optimization
  • Tools for SEO 
  • Online store running technique 
  • Increase shopping techniques through WordPress

Who should learn/take this course:
This course is for those that want to build their career in WordPress field and are being interested in developing their skills in WordPress Development an E-commerce site.

2 months course, 3 classes in week

Every one should submit their project at the completion of course to get certificate

Lumpsum : Rs.10,000/:-

Installments : Rs.12,000/:-