Printing & Packaging

For any kind of custom printing or packaging, MAKDevelopers is your one-stop shop. We will help you realize whatever dream you may have! It is us who turn the world into your painting. You can choose from a large range of packing options with us, and you can alter the size, color, design, and finishing of the boxes in addition to their shape.

Types of Printing & Packaging


If a minor expenditure is made in the product’s packaging, it can have a significant impact on its pricing. A rigid box is a surefire way to convey luxury, and the elegance and presentation of this material will undoubtedly draw in shoppers. You can use MAKDevelopers’ exceptional output to boost the value of your goods and boost sales because we are a unique manufacturer/distributor of superior rigid packaging. We offer a range of alternatives to suit your needs, including magnetic flap boxes, round boxes, sleeves and trays, rigid cigarette boxes, collapsible boxes, triangle boxes, and two-piece boxes.


MAKDevelopers offers a wide selection of personalized food packaging options, all of which may be customized for size and printed with any kind of finish. All of our printed boxes and food paper are made with environmentally friendly and food-safe materials. Collaborate with our skilled design team to create entirely unique packaging for your company. Our group of engineers and designers can assist you with any packaging requirements, be it making a custom form or adding your own design to our selection of packaging. Not surprisingly, custom food packaging is our specialty, but our design team’s wide industry experience will enable you to customize it to your exact specifications and make it genuinely one-of-a-kind.


The ultimate goal of industrial packaging, like that of other forms of packaging, is to be appropriate for its intended use, even if it shares many characteristics and rules with other forms of packing. At MAKDevelopers, we have an exceptionally talented design staff that can guarantee that your package will be appropriate for the situation, regardless of its intended use. Because industrial packaging frequently transports both large and light goods, it needs to be resilient enough to handle various adversities. It’s also possible for an industrial product to be sold through retail channels, thus the packaging must be extremely well-made, meticulously crafted, and detailed. We at MAKDevelopers offer high-quality goods with versatility that can be utilized in a variety of industries and by a large audience. You can rely on our designers to find the most effective solution for your industrial packaging needs, no matter what obstacles it presents. 


As a proud provider of personalized corrugated packaging, Pressholic can safeguard your goods throughout the whole shipping and transportation process. Our designers will collaborate with you to create unique corrugated packaging that meets your exact requirements, regardless of the kind of product that needs to be wrapped. By cost-effectively packaging your products, you can easily meet your sales objective with our corrugated boxes with custom printed designs. For bespoke white or brown mailer boxes, archive boxes, presentation boxes, subscription boxes, wine shipper boxes, sustainable boxes, shipping boxes, and much more, a range of packing types are available for selection. Please get in touch with us by sending us an email or by visiting the packaging part of our website.

Why to Choose MAKDevelopers?

One packaging company that specializes in all box and package forms is MAKDevelopers. From food and cosmetics to electronics and clothing, our premium boxes and packaging are suitable for a broad variety of products.


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